Soccer 10 Payouts

Soccer 10 Payouts
Wed 30 Mar – S10 V1
Match Team A Score Team B
M1 Envigado 0 – 0 CA Bucaramanga
M2 Union Magdalena 3 – 1 Real Santander
M3 Cortulua 0 – 1 Fortaleza CEIF
M4 Patriotas Boyaca 0 – 0 Tigres FC
M5 Millonarios 1 – 0 Junior
M6 New Mexico United FC 2 – 2 Oakland Roots SC
M7 Costa Rica 2 – 0 USA
M8 Jamaica 2 – 1 Honduras
M9 Mexico 2 – 0 El Salvador
M10 Panama 1 – 0 Canada
Winning Combination: 2/1/3/2/1/2/1/1/1/1
Status: OfficialResults: (9/10)
Net 9/10: R228,142.81
Winners: 557.00
Dividend: R409.40Results: (10/10)
Net 10/10: R912,571.27
Winners: 28.00
Dividend: R32,591.80

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We use the common 1X2 three-way bet type, with the draw option.

Selections are:

‘1’ – Stands for Home team to win
‘2’ – Stands for Away team to win
‘X’ – Stands for the match to be drawn

Double chance covers two out of three outcomes and increases your chances

‘1X’ – Stands for Home/Draw
‘X2’ – Stands for Draw/Away
’12’ – Stands for Home/Away

E.G. (FT Score) Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal

If you bet on ‘1X’ or ‘12’, then you win. If you picked ‘X2’, then you lose

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