Soccer 10 Tips For Today – Tue 11 Jun

Soccer 10 Tips For Today – Tue 11 Jun

Now with Over/Under Goal Tips*

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Tue 8 Jun – S10 V1

M1 Benin v Zambia (1x) U/3.5
M2 Poland v Iceland (1) O/0.5
M3 Cameroon v Nigeria (x2) U/3.5
M4 GAIS Goteborg v Landskrona BoIS (1x) U/4.5
M5 Hungary v Republic Of Ireland (1x) U/3.5
M6 Czech Republic v Albania (1) O/0.5
M7 Spain v Lithuania (1) O/1.5
M8 Morocco v Ghana (12) O/1.5
M9 Senegal v Cape Verde Islands (1x) U/3.5
M10 France v Bulgaria (1) O/1.5

Closes: Tue 8 Jun 17:00
Status: OPEN. Pool Code 1UU

Tue 8 Jun – S10 V2

M1 Guyana v Puerto RIco (2) O/1.5
M2 Saint Vincent & the Grenadines v Cuba (12) O/0.5
M3 Ecuador v Peru (1) O/1.5
M4 Haiti v Nicaragua (x2) O/0.5
M5 Trinidad and Tobago v St. Kitts and Nevis (x2) O/0.5
M6 Venezuela v Uruguay (2) O/1.5
M7 Colombia v Argentina (2) O/0.5
M8 Paraguay v Brazil (2) O/1.5
M9 Canada v Surinam (1) O/1.5
M10 Chile v Bolivia (1) O/1.5

Closes: Tue 8 Jun 22:00
Status: OPEN. Pool Code SJJ

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Tips Key:

Over/Under Match Goals by either side

O/0.5 = 1+ goals – U/0.5 = No goals

O/1.5 = 2+ goals – U/1.5 = 1 or less

O/2.5 = 3+ goals – U/2.5 = 2 or less

O/3.5 = 4+ goals – U/3.5 = 3 or less

O/4.5 = 5+ goals – U/4.5 = 4 or less

1X2 Three-way Single Bet Type with the Draw

‘1’ – Stands for Home team to win

‘X’ – Stands for the match to be a Draw

‘2’ – Stands for Away team to win

Double chance covers two out of three outcomes

‘1X’ – stands for Home/Draw
‘X2′ – stands for Draw/Away
’12’ – stands for Home/Away

For example, a game finishes Villarreal 2-0 Man United

And you bet on ‘1X’ or ‘12’, then you win.

If you picked ‘X2’ or ‘2’, then you lose.

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