Soccer 10 Tips & Predictions – Tue 23 – Thu 24 Mar

Soccer 10 Tips & Predictions – Tue 23 – Thu 24 Mar
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Soccer 10 Tips & Predictions – Tue 23 – Thu 24 Mar

Tue 23 Mar – S10 V2

M1 Mansfield Town v Forest Green Rovers (1x) U/3.5
M2 Carlisle United v Leyton Orient (1x) U/4.5
M3 Barrow v Grimsby Town (1) U/3.5
M4 Blackpool v Peterborough (1x) U/3.5
M5 Bristol Rovers v Swindon Town (1x) U/3.5
M6 Burton Albion v Shrewsbury Town (12) U/3.5
M7 Northampton Town v Oxford United (x2) U/3.5
M8 Oldham Athletic v Exeter City (2) U/4.5
M9 Scunthorpe United v Bradford City (x2) U/3.5
M10 Southend United v Walsall (1x) U/3.5

Closes: Tue 23 Mar 20:00

Pool Code SMM

Wed 24 Mar – S10 V3

M1 Estonia v Czech Republic (2) U/4.5
M2 Turkey v Netherlands (2) U/4.5
M3 Belgium v Wales (1) O/1.5
M4 Cyprus v Slovakia (2) U/3.5
M5 Finland v Bosnia-Herzegovina (1x) U/3.5
M6 France v Ukraine (1) O/1.5
M7 Latvia v Montenegro (x2) U/3.5
M8 Portugal v Azerbaijan (1) O/1.5
M9 Serbia v Republic Of Ireland (1x) U/3.5
M10 Slovenia v Croatia (x2) U/3.5

Closes: Wed 24 Mar 19:00
Pool Code SOO

Thu 25 Mar – S10 V1

M1 Botswana v Zimbabwe (x2) U/4.5
M2 Gabon v Congo DR (x2) U/3.5
M3 Gambia v Angola (1) U/3.5
M4 South Africa v Ghana (2) U/3.5
M5 Bulgaria v Switzerland (2) O/1.5
M6 Israel v Denmark (2) U/3.5
M7 Equatorial Guinea x Tanzania (x2) U/4.5
M8 Zambia v Algeria (12) U/4.5
M9 Moldova v Faroe Islands (1) U/4.5
M10 Romania v North Macedonia (1x) U/3.5

Closes: Thu 25 Mar 18:00

Pool Code 1PP

Thu 25 Mar – S10 V2

M1 Andorra v Albania (2) U/3.5
M2 Germany v Iceland (1) O/1.5
M3 Hungary v Poland (x2) U/3.5
M4 Italy v Northern Ireland (1) O/1.5
M5 Liechtenstein v Armenia (2) U/3.5
M6 Moldova x Faroe Islands (1) U/4.5
M7 Romania v North Macedonia (1x) U/3.5
M8 Scotland v Austria (1x) U/3.5
M9 Spain v Greece (1) O/1.5
M10 Sweden v Georgia (1) O/1.5

Closes: Thu 25 Mar 21:45

Pool Code 1QQ

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